Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)
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Welcome ! We are delighted to welcome you to our presentation page of the Villa-Napoleon and its adjoining buildings, in Caupenne d’Armagnac in the Gers (32110). We hope you find this presentation to your liking … and we remain at your disposal


Offer you a very profitable hotel complex Caupenne d’Armagnac in the gers (32110)

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

22,600 ft ² of commercial space over four sites all contained within 55 acres of varied land, provide a very lucrative business opportunity in the Gers, a department which profits from 1.3 million visitors annually

An exceptional and rare POTENTIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY - Villa-Napoleon along with “La Maison des Cavaliers”, “La Maison des Vignerons” and “ La Bergerie” together with “le Petit Lac”, the swimming pool, have the  potential to generate more than a million euros annually.  Everything is in place to make possible the development into a very profitable business - Hôtel-Business-Center - Hôtel de Luxe de campagne. The business opportunities are many fold and could include  marketing  your own label of wine and / or Armagnac, using the  name  "Chateau d’Izaute". This property  has everything needed to become a tourist attraction of the Midi-Pyrenees  region.

The structure of Villa Napoleon is renovated to a very high standard   (walls, floors, ceilings, windows,  and roof) using materials of highest quality. The 3 additional buildings all are also renovated with the same care. The "Florentin" building, is converted to contain  9 "luxury" en suite  rooms, a reception room and a terrace which offer  you an immediate business return.! In addition, the estate has set aside 17 acres of ground ready to be planted with vines to develop your own vineyard or any other venture such as an  orchard or ORGANIC farmFind out if the property will adapt for your dreams. >>>

The property is perfect for you if you are:

  • A Couple of young dynamic managers / executives with children, who love large open spaces and who seek to reconcile entrepreneurial life with  family life.  Working within  exceptional surroundings with its  history, culture, nature, space, tranquility and luminosity, without losing the advantages of the city.
  • A Person in charge of a chain of hotels who searches for an  exceptional location to develop their own  hotel complex in one of the most visited tourist regions in France.
  • A exceptional Chef who searches for the ideal location to create their own " Hotel of  Charm and Caractère" to promote their own gastronomic paradise.
  • A daring and creative Investor who seeks a property to transform according to his taste to create a profitable and individual business activity, within the hospitality industry.
  • Professionals whose activities can be undertaken at home, thus allowing the same things to be done from a magnificent and healthy environment in the countryside.

The strengths of the property

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The property benefits from

high profitability

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

55 acres - 4 buildings

Great business potential

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

2100 m² habitable space


Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

A place to live, work and play


create your dream business while living in an exceptional environment

  • Live in the heart of Gascony, with its beauty and its history, surrounded by hundred-year-old trees; gaze over your  French garden to the impressive view of the valley beyond.
  • Enjoy being able to live and work in the countryside, from the mild winter months through flower-filled springs, hot, sunny summers, to the beautiful colours of mellow autumns with glorious days right through to December.
  • Live the life you’ve always dreamed of, see your own ideas come to fruition.
  • Live in tranquil serenity and privacy in the heart of 55 acres of Gascon countryside with a French garden, a wood, open fields and a luxurious swimming pool.
  • Take pride in owning a magnificent property which enables you easily to combine family life with running a successful business; your work/life balance will never be a problem again.
  • The quality of life here for children is exceptional, with the freedom to grow up happy and healthy, values largely forgotten by the modern world.




The "Villa Napolléon"

900 m²


The "Maison des Cavaliers"

700 m²


The "Maison des Vignerons"

400 m²


The "Bergerie"

100 m²

Profitable Businesses adapted to the property

  • 2 000 m² RENTAL

  • Which Hotel Concept?

  • 17 acres not yet exploited

  • Testimonials

  • Imagine how you can stage villa Napoléon

cash flow

The cash flow is projected by incorporating  the potential of the Villa-Napoleon for business seminars, weddings, workshops : classrooms and buffet. Plus income from the existing 9 en suite rooms of the “maison des Chevaliers” To request details of the cash flow study  fill in  the form below or call us using the number indicated at the  bottom of the page.

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The Maison des Cavaliers + the Villa-Napoléon

COMFORT & SERVICES   Our establishment is classified 4 suns by BaB France, which is the optimal ranking. All our rooms are en suite bedrooms of 40 m ² with bathroom, double basins, bath-tub or shower, WC. All the rooms have a corner sitting area with TV, desk and fridge. Particular care was taken when choosing the quality of the sound insulation and the thermal insulation when the building was entirely renovated as it was intended for very top-of-the-range accommodation. The same care was taken in our choice of bedding.

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The Maison des Vignerons

We currently live in the Maison des Vignerons -Its 400m ² habitable space is currently divided into 2 parts, with 200m ² arranged in ground floor, and 60m ² on the first floor; 140m ² on the 1st floor remaining to be converted into habitable space - It would not be difficult to install extra suites or ensuite bedrooms in this house, to increase cash flow. The estimated potential is of 6 additional luxury en suite bedrooms, with a projected annual cash flow of an additional 400.000€. - In this case the sales will increase from 1.267.000€ to 1.667.000€, representing an increase of 30%.  

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)


From Property to :



5 mn

motor race circuit Paul Armagnac

5 mn

Schools (Nogaro)

5 mn

Motorway Bordeaux/PAU

20 mn

Mont de Marsan ( landes)

30 mn

Pau (aéroport)

45 mn

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

An ideal situation

Pau airport, which is only  40mn away, makes it possible to travel to the big cities of France but also Marrakech, the tourist capital of Morocco.

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)
Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

We are just 5 kms from Nogaro and its motor race circuit and aerodrome, which can accommodate twin engined planes. The small town has all the facilities you’d expect, including shops, bars and restaurants.

Environment of your villa

  • Le New York Times
  • D.P.E.
  • Circuit automobile
Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

Is Gascony the Most Delicious Corner of France? Even a week or so spent eating and drinking your way around this rural area of southwestern France is enough to spark a lifelong love affair. By DAVID McANINCHMARCH 15, 2017

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

Look closely at a map of southwestern France and you’ll notice it: a blank spot just west of Toulouse where the place names thin out and the train lines and expressways veer away, like a stream flowing around a boulder. That blank spot is Gascony, one of the most rural regions in all of France. Gascons are for the most part proud of their provinciality, and many of them have developed the curious habit of describing their bucolic land in terms of all the things it doesn’t have: big cities, mass tourism, traffic, urban stress, high-speed rail service, autoroutes, soaring real estate prices, hordes of Parisians snapping up summer homes and so on. I spent most of a year there to gather material for a culinary memoir and can confirm the absence of all those things. One sometimes hears Gascony referred to as “the other South of France” by boosterish types mindful of the immense popularity of Provence and the Côte d’Azur, which lie some 250 miles to the east. And to be sure, if you plant yourself on a restaurant “terrasse” on the main square of Auch (pronounced OWE-sh) — Gascony’s historical capital — in, say, late September, you might easily convince yourself you’re in Mediterranean France, what with the date palms and the nice-looking people in sunglasses sipping rosé and talking in the bouncy accent of the Midi. But then your meal arrives, and the illusion vanishes faster than a cold pastis on a hot day. For Gascon food is richer than the sunny cuisine of Provence. It is unabashedly, defiantly rich. Duck fat, not olive oil, is the local currency. Everything gets cooked in it: potatoes, sausages, eggs, and — in the case of confit, that pillar of Gascon farmhouse cooking — duck itself. Gascons consume foie gras, which is made on family farms all over the region, with casual regularity, and consider the delicacy about as decadent as a pork chop:

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The “Landes”  profits from a unique asset: space. With an area of 9,243 km ² it is  classified within  the 2nd rank of the French departments. This area is equipped with a particularly good road network. The recent A65 motorway connecting Bordeaux, Mount-to-Marsan and Pau has reinforced the motorway network in the area from the Spanish border towards Agen. Widening the A63 to  2x3 carriageways has supplemented the network connecting the North of Europe to the Iberian peninsula and North Africa. The extension to the south of Bordeaux of the Southern line TGV Atlantic Europe towards Spain opens the way for a formidable high speed rail link for the Landes,  served by two new TGV stations.

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)
Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The area is composed of 4 departments :Gers, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées. Together these departments support an economy made up of thousands of companies whose turnover varies between 200 million euros and 1.2 million euros. This represents hundreds of thousands of employees and supports the development of linked activities to aid the development of companies. The possible developments suggested above, such as hotel Centered business, will meet these needs.  The landes economy  is open to the world, Its exports represent 1.73 billion euros. They increased by 30,8% in 4 years, against 11,6% in Aquitaine and 26,8% in France. The property borders on the Landes, and is nearer to the  Landes, Aquitaine and the Hautes-Pyrénées than to the rest of the Gers.

The company of expertise of the South-West which is based in Mont-de-Marsan, carried out the obligatory examinations, of the various buildings. We will put this file at your disposal if you wish to see it. All you have to do is send us your request by contacting us by e-mail or by the contact tool at the end of this page.

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

DPE de la villa Napoléon

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

DPE de la maison des Vignerons

  Food and all aspects of its production are one of the most important aspects of life in this part of the world; respect for the quality of produce and for Mother Nature,  who provides, are key words for food producers around here. Far from standardised products, go on a journey of discovery to meet the artisans who keep the countryside alive through their Gascony gourmet products : Foies gras, wine, armagnac…… Proud of their land and their work, you will be warmly welcomed and soon convinced by their love of good quality produce.

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Gers are responsible for taking action to ensure the provision of quality local foods for its restaurants. The objective is to reduce the distances food travels to arrive at its destination and Gers producers are approached to this end, in order to assure the availability of local Gers produce in local Gers restaurants. while promoting the Gers as a tourist destination, the land, the gastronomy and sustainable tourism.    

Vente Domaine Caupenne d'Armagnac (32110)

The proximity of the famous Paul Armagnac motor race circuit, open all the year, is a major asset which makes it possible to have a good cash flow quickly. Many personalities from the world of business, the media, or show business regularly stay in the Villa . Regular events organised by the circuit guarantee a sales cash flow on the whole of the year, for the VILLA/


Brigitte and Pierre spent 17 years in this magical place to imagine, create and rebuild. Today, more than 60 years old, they want to start traveling all over the world, to get closer to their children and why not go to new projects !

Brigitte Salvage

32110 Nogaro


06 86 16 03 54 depuis l'étranger +33 6 86 16 03 54